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Synopsis© 2022 Choonie Films Inc and The National Film Board of Canada, 86min, EN and FR)
Ava slips into the airplane bathroom, adjusts her phone settings — and licks the toilet seat. Her Tiktok explodes. By the time she’s landed, she’s getting interview requests from international media to comment on her viral video.

As the Internet upends traditional notions of celebrity, Anything For Fame journeys into the virtual Wild West to profile an ambitious and reckless new breed of content creator. Hungry for notoriety, they venture to unprecedented highs — and lows — in pursuit of that white-hot commodity: clout.

Amateur stuntman Peter routinely defies death, leaping between high rise rooftops and scaling off-limits bridges, while the self-described ‘dumb-as-shit’ suburban prankster, Jake, stages bone bashing stunts in his back yard. Jumanne, sick of working long hours for minimum wage, enthralls his teenage fanbase by trashing the very workplaces that keep him employed. And Ava, fresh off her toilet seat stunt, brands herself ‘New Jersey Trash,’ and rakes in thousands each month by producing content for OnlyFans.

Our creators find themselves dodging multiple pitfalls and moral dilemmas as they navigate the ruthless ‘attention’ economy where likes and views become intoxicating currency. Only the lucky few will become rich. For the others, online fame can exact a devastating price. While stars rise with meteoric and disorienting speed, they plummet just as fast – and often with heartbreaking results.

At a time when the Internet is radically reshaping global culture and economics, Anything For Fame examines the phenomenon of online celebrity with empathy, insight and its own arresting sense of style.

Anything for Fame is a coproduction of The National Film Board and Choonie Films Inc.